Utility Collections

NCC works with utilities to keep recoveries high.

Skip Tracing

Identifying and locating customers is integral to maximizing recovery. When live contact cannot be achieved utilizing the information provided by our clients, NCC relies on our proven, scalable skip trace “waterfall” technology.

Accounts that initially possess neither a good address nor telephone number are checked against our automated databases, generally securing a valid telephone number for the consumer within three to four database searches as the pool of useful information increases with each effort. If, after a comprehensive automated attempt to obtain updated and valid contact data, we still cannot locate the customer, we route these hard-to-locate accounts to our on-site, dedicated skip tracers who lend their highly specialized expertise to our collectors and locate elusive customers quickly so collectors can make initial contact.

NCC’s waterfall skip trace methodology has significantly improved our success rates. As an example, nearly one-third of the accounts for one of our largest clients do not have valid address and phone contact information. Using this waterfall skip trace technique to obtain the information we need, we have been able to achieve recovery rates in excess of 40% for this customer for the past five years.