NCC provides strong value to customers through ...

Contingency Collections

NCC has earned an excellent reputation for results and retention over the past 45 years. The key to our success has been the quality of our people and the leadership of our experienced management team. We believe that every client should be a lifetime business partner, and we work to ensure the same relationship for you with your consumers.

The advantages of working with NCC for contingency collections include:

  • Our experienced management team, led by a distinguished industry leader, operates with minimal management layers to allow us to respond quickly to your needs
  • A staff of highly trained multi-lingual agents with expertise in overcoming objections, avoiding stall tactics, and negotiating maximum payment.
  • Industry leadership in developing and adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Attentive and extremely responsive client service ensuring client satisfaction throughout each phase of the collection process
  • Our investment in collections technology: advanced analytics, proprietary scoring and segmentation system, an adaptable skip trace waterfall process, predictive dialing, and integrated voice response telephony that allow for establishing customized solutions to uniquely resolve the payment issues of your consumers