Collection Services

NCC provides a full range of professional collections services.

1st Party Collections

At times, it can become cost prohibitive for companies to follow up on their active receivables. NCC’s 1st party collection service offers the ideal solution. NCC can partner with clients to assist them with 1st party collection activities previously reserved for in-house staff. Our agents act as representatives of your organization.

The advantages of working with NCC for 1st party collections include:

  • Our experienced management team, led by a distinguished industry leader, operates with minimal management layers to allow us to respond quickly to your needs
  • A staff of highly trained multi-lingual agents with expertise in overcoming objections, avoiding stall tactics, and negotiating maximum payment.
  • We have made significant investments in technology which can be utilized to analyze your data, design the most effective calling strategy and generate calls via our state of the art predictive dialer.
  • Industry leadership in developing and adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards