NCC provides strong value to customers through ...


NCC enjoys long-standing relationships with both local and out-of-state utility companies, in some cases spanning multiple decades. In working utility accounts for 40 years, NCC has learned the ins and outs of the utility process, which aids in collections. Our utility collectors are knowledgeable about the programs available to aid consumers in meeting their delinquent financial obligations. We make it a priority to train our collectors on how these programs work and when they are applicable, reducing the learning curve when working with new utility clients.

NCC relies on collectors specifically trained to service utility clients with combined utilities collections experience of more than 140 years. Our collectors are:

  • Attentive and extremely responsive to the needs of our client and their consumers
  • Skilled skip-tracing personnel using state-of-the-art tools to locate consumers
  • Able to inquire against credit reports (when permitted by law)
  • Willing and able to locate banks, employers and assets
  • Trained in negotiating payments
  • Either multi-lingual themselves or easily able to turn to multi-lingual colleagues when needed