Collection Services

NCC provides a full range of professional collections services.

Government Entities

NCC has provided successful recovery services for states, counties, cities, and districts for delinquent:

  • Personal property taxes
    (vehicles, business personal property)
  • State income taxes
  • Real estate taxes
  • Business licenses
  • Parking violations
  • Vehicle registration license fees
  • DMV hold fees
  • DTA administrative collection fees
  • Civil infractions
  • Sanitation fees
  • Code violations
  • Zoning violations
  • Grass mowing fees
  • Animal enforcement fines
  • Dog licenses
  • etc.

We often work with departments that have previously not pursued collection action.

Through collection of delinquent state tax assessments, our staff understands set offs, refund matches, abatements, adjustments, write offs, charge offs, compromise offers, etc. We are proficient with government entity software systems and the many status fields required within these systems.

Complementing our collections abilities is our ability to thoroughly research consumer accounts. NCC’s government recovery specialists are willing and able to locate banks, employers and assets to ensure you are aware of the resources of your consumers. When performing contingency collections, our government recovery specialists are trained in negotiating payments, performing skip-tracing to locate consumers, and reporting to the three major credit bureaus.