NCC is known for its expertise in government collections.

NCC Technology

Our clients benefit from an NCC approach that utilizes integrated technological and analytical processes to maximize our cash collections. We employ a customized combination of technology tools to craft a collections strategy and treatment strategy which achieves our clients key performance indicators (KPI’s):

  • Ontario Systems® flexible, scalable FACS® system
  • Advanced analytics, including our proprietary scoring and segmentation system
  • Fully integrated predictive dialer
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) text and speech system
  • Unattended messaging
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Bankruptcy and deceased scrubs
  • Skip trace waterfall utilizing multiple vendors and search algorithms
  • Scoring and segmentation to identify those most likely to pay
  • Payment arrangement tracking
  • Call monitoring, recording and archiving
  • Remote system access
  • On-line payment acceptance via secure website
  • Credit bureau services (monthly reporting and daily lookups)
  • Electronic insurance discovery and eligibility verification to detect hidden coverage and patient account discrepancies
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Off-site data redundancy to ensure rapid business continuity

Our systems facilitate skills-based call routing, while sharing real-time data between the automated dialer, the collectors, and management. Our systems are designed to be extremely flexible, and can be easily modified as required.

We accept placements in all standard formats, and have the ability to perform custom programming when appropriate. Our promise is to work with every client to load their placements onto our system, to expeditiously work them to successful recovery in our secure environment, and to communicate our results in the manner preferred by you.