NCC History

NCC enjoys a 53 year history, starting with one man and one phone and growing to one of the largest, most respected collection agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Beginning

Nationwide Credit Corporation opened for business in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in 1967. Current President, Phil Rosenthal joined the company as a debt collector in 1969, purchasing the organization one year later in 1970. In those early years, NCC consisted of Phil Rosenthal in an office with a telephone collecting bad checks and working for small businesses.

In the mid 70s, a new hospital in our area required assistance with increasing revenues through collections from patients and their insurance companies. NCC has partnered with this hospital for nearly 40 years. As this relationship grew, we continued to build relationships with hospitals and local medical practices.

Another primary market was the recovery of bad checks for major drug, grocery, and department stores. As technology for check processing evolved, there was less need for the collection of delinquent checks.

Market Expansion

Being very civic minded and politically active, Phil quickly created government relationships and moved into government collections, successfully collecting large accounts for local government.

At the same time, NCC began marketing to utility companies for gas, electric, and telephone and offering assistance in managing their receivables. NCC moved into the collection of utilities, and began a business relationship with a large local utility provider that has placed continuously with NCC in excess of 30 years.

As the successes multiplied within the collections industry, banks and credit unions began to seek out collection agencies with a reputation for industry leadership and strict compliance with industry regulations. In a competitive environment, we have performed collections continuously for one of these credit unions and are proud of the way we have stacked up against our competition for more than 30 years.

During the 80s, NCC experienced sustained growth, expanding into other states, and developing a strong presence in government, healthcare, utility, and credit union collections.

The 1990s

NCC offices were located in the City of Alexandria in Virginia from 1970-1992. In 1992 NCC purchased a 17,500 square foot office building in Fairfax County Virginia to house its expanded operation and allow room for further growth.

In 1994, as the needs of our hospital clients expanded, NCC established HealthCare Associates, Inc. to handle extended business office services. HCA has managed numerous successful medical billing related projects over its 20 year history, and is relied upon as a premier provider of healthcare receivables and outsource services to a number of prestigious hospitals and healthcare systems.

In the 90s state and municipal government entities that had previously been opposed to utilizing collection agencies began investigating solutions that were available to increase revenues and reduce costs. Government collections for state, city, and county moved from strictly internal operations to operations that continued to work internally, but who leveraged the expertise of agencies for specific projects or collection efforts. Because Phil Rosenthal was very active in the Virginia Collectors’ Association and in local government, he was able to meet with many municipalities to help them understand the benefits of our solutions, which led to strong business relationships in the government arena.

The New Century

In the new millennium, NCC’s outstanding reputation for the recovery of governmental delinquencies has led to numerous new opportunities with counties and municipalities in our area.

NCC has grown from one employee and one phone to one of the largest, most respected collection agencies in our region. All of this was achieved as a result of the devotion and enthusiasm of our associates, and our shared determination to deliver results for our clients that are second to none.