Two stacks of cash

A delinquent asset is a wasting asset

Economic Impact

When financial obligations are satisfied:

  • businesses prosper, providing valuable jobs for our economy;
  • credit grantors operate at a lower cost, lowering interest rates and expanding credit availability;
  • our entire economy benefits.

Third party debt collection companies play an important role in ensuring accountability, reducing costs for lenders and providing valuable jobs. Because receivables decrease in value as they age, it is imperative that accounts receivables be managed effectively and in a timely fashion.

In a typical year, businesses, non-profits and government write off more than $150 billion in bad debt. Third party debt collectors recover more than $50 billion a year. The debt collection industry itself provides more than 400,000 jobs with a payroll in excess of $15 billion.

Recovery of Hospital / Medical Debt

In 2010, 29% of adults ages 19-64 struggled with medical debt. NCC helps hospitals and their patients:

  • initiate a problem-solving dialogue about unpaid medical bills
  • dig through red tape to help patients get their bills paid
  • identify those patients who are eligible for assistance

Recovery of Government Debt

In 2009, municipal governments reported $40 billion in uncollected debt. Third party debt collectors recovered $6 billion in municipal debt for taxpayers. In 2009, the federal government reported $31 billion in uncollected debt. Third party debt collectors recovered $788 million for taxpayers. The vast majority of the states currently employ third party debt collectors to recover unpaid taxpayer dollars.